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Surgical and Restorative Steps for Implants from Start to Finish
14 CE Hours

Virtual planning, 3D printing, guided placement & restorations

Limited to 12 participants only!


Course Outline 

This 2-day course is designed to provide dentists with a comprehensive understanding of the digital workflow for single implants and implant bridges. The course will cover topics such as CBCT imaging, virtual implant planning, 3D printing, guide fabrication, guided surgery protocols, intraoral scanning and scan bodies, and implant restorations. The program will be hands-on, practical, and evidence-based. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice on virtual implant planning software, 3D printing, and intraoral scanning technology. The course will also include case discussions and analysis to reinforce the concepts covered. By the end of the course, dentists will be equipped with the necessary tools to incorporate digital technology into their implant practice.

Course Objectives 


  1. To provide an overview of the digital workflow for single implants, and short-span implant bridges, including its benefits and limitations.

  2. To introduce participants to CBCT imaging and its importance in implant planning.

  3. To teach participants how to use virtual implant planning software to plan single implants.

  4. To demonstrate the use of 3D printing technology in dentistry and its application in implant dentistry.

  5. To provide participants with the knowledge and skills to fabricate surgical guides using digital technology.

  6. To introduce participants to guided surgery protocols and teach them how to implement them in their practice.

  7. To teach participants how to use intraoral scanning technology and scan bodies for implant restorations.

  8. To provide participants with information on how to select correct abutments and components for implant restorations.

  9. To provide participants with the knowledge and skills to design and fabricate implant restorations using CAD/CAM technology.

Course Schedule


Day 1:

Topic: Introduction to digital workflow for single implants


  • Overview of digital workflow for single implants

  • Understanding CBCT imaging and its importance in implant planning

  • Virtual implant planning using software

  • Hands-on practice on virtual implant planning software

  • Fabrication of surgical guides using digital technology

  • 3D printing technology and its application in dentistry

  • Brief introduction on bone regeneration and socket grafting

  • Guided surgery protocols

  • Hands-on guided implant placement

  • Case discussions and analysis


Day 2:

Topic: Intraoral scanning, scan bodies, and implant restorations


  • Intraoral scanning and its importance in digital workflow

  • Types of scan bodies and their application in implant dentistry

  • Designing and fabricating implant restorations using CAD/CAM technology

  • Materials used in implant restorations for single unit implants and multi-unit bridges

  • Hands-on practice on intraoral scanning 

  • Review of evidence-based research on digital workflow for implant restorations

  • Case discussions and analysis

Abstract Background
Dental Implants Hands-On Workshop for dentists
The Speakers
Dr. Mohamed Gebril
Dr. Faraj Edher Best Prosthodontist in Vancouver
agd pace program provider. ce provider. ce workshops
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