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Anterior Composite Bonding Course
24 CE Hours


Limited Attendance

Date: TBD
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: Vancouver, BC

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3 days of Hands-on Workshop with Dr. Renato Ramos in mastering anterior composite restorations!

This program is designed to provide dentists with the knowledge and practical skills required to master the art of anterior composite bonding.

This comprehensive workshop will cover a range of techniques, including diastema closure, restoration of peg-shaped teeth, multilayering techniques for darkened incisors, and direct veneers. Participants will engage in hands-on sessions and exercises to develop proficiency in these critical skills, ensuring they can deliver aesthetically pleasing and functional anterior restorations.

Course Objectives: 

  • To detail all the different steps needed to perform long-lasting anterior composite restorations (etching, bonding, light-curing, composite selection, finishing and polishing, and maintenance).

  • To bring competence to perform a thorough evaluation of chromatic and morphological aspects of natural anterior teeth.

  • To present a range of resin composite systems available on the market, bringing competence to select according to different clinical situations.

  • To build confidence to naturally reproduce the different morphological and chromatic aspects of natural teeth according to different clinical situations.

  • To build confidence to perform esthetic composite restorations using different stratification techniques.

  • To present finishing and polishing materials and practice different techniques to obtain texture and luster according to different clinical situations.


Crafting Anterior Teeth with Composites Workshop in Vancouver for dentists

Course Schedule

Day 1:

  • Smile Aesthetics, Anterior Teeth Anatomy, Resin Composite Classification and Characteristics, Shade Selection, Composite Restoration Stratification Techniques

  • Diastema Closure Hands-On

  • Silicone Index Preparation

  • Restoration of Peg-Shaped Tooth (Multilayering Technique)

Day 2:


  • Direct Resin Composite Veneers on Darkened Incisors (Multilayering Technique)

  • Dental Bonding & Light Curing Principles

  • Direct Resin Composite Veneers Using Different Techniques

Day 3:

  • Direct Resin Composite Veneers using Different Techniques Hands-On continuation

  • Finishing and Polishing of Composite Restorations


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